Oydem Seviye Tespit Sınavı

1) I ........ very smart.

2) Mickey and Jerry _____ very good friends.

3) colour-is-hair-what-her-?

4) -___________ -I'm a doctor?

5) Brad Pitt _____ blue eyes.

6) Brad Pitt _____ blue eyes.

7) They _____ any children.

8) How many rooms are there in your house?

9) is-at the moment-she-cooking.

10) Find the error in the following sentences: Micheal play football everyday.

11) What is your favourite food?

12) Look! The boat _____

13) swimming-he-the-pool-like-doesn't-in

14) What is the question? -Yes , I can play the guitar.

15) Jack and Mary are married and they have got a son. Mary is ____ wife, Jack is ____ husband. George is ____ son.

16) Türkçeye çeviriniz. -You don't have to get up early tomorrow.

17) What time did you get up this morning?

18) cümledeki gereksiz kelime hangisidir? - You were cooked dinner last night.

19) Cümledeki yanlış kelimenin doğrusu ne olmalıdır? - She didn't a teacher ten years ago.

20) _____ he was a student, he used to go out on Friday and Saturday nights.

21) _____ I was daydreaming, the teacher called my name.

22) I am going to go to school ___

23) -I'm hungry. I ____ eat a hamburger.

24) Cümleyi Türkçe'ye çeviriniz. -She was having a bath when I called her last night.

25) We're late. The game _______ already _______.

26) ______ you ever ______ to London before?

27) "How long have you known him?" "I have known him ____ my childhood."

28) I _______ attending a cookery course for 4 months. I am getting better every day!

29) I _____as a teacher for 16 years.

30) This is Robert’s brother. I like _______

31) My dad _______ this car since I was born.

32) This is the best cake I ________ !

33) By the time I _________to the office, the meeting ________ .

34) When he retired, he _______________________ for 40 years.

35) After he ____________ the children, he ______ the house

36) My sister goes to __________ bed early.

37) How _________ is a bottle of coke ?

38) Give me ______ water, please.

39) I have ______ to say.

40) How _______ times in a day do you brush your teeth ?

41) What is the ________ river in the world ?

42) It is __________ movie I have ever seen.

43) I don’t think that comedy was as ________ as his previous ones.

44) There are ____________ cars than a Range Rover.

45) I ____________ the project by the time he comes.

46) This time next week I _________ to Canada

47) I _________ tell you but I forgot.

48) His band _____________ in Çeşme and Alaçatı all summer.

49) Adults ___________ go to school.

50) I phoned yesterday, but I __________ get an answer. Where were you?

51) When I was a child I___________ drink a lot of milk.

52) A: My car has been stolen. B: ____________________________.

53) You _____ be hungry. You had no lunch.

54) A: I don’t like this medicine. B: Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll soon _____ it.

55) If I were you I_____ see a doctor.

56) You _____ hurry if you want to catch that bus.

57) A new school ______ in our neighbourhood; so, my son is going to that school next semester.

58) Their new house ________ yet so they ________ where they are at the moment.

59) Most of the food _____ by the guests at the party last night so we ______ shopping today.

60) By 2.00 o’clock all the reports __________ and ____ to the manager. She will only have ten minutes to read them before the meeting.

61) I ____________ by the dentist yesterday and I haven’t got any cavities.

62) I heard that she was going to _____________________

63) His doctor _____ John ______ at the hospital two days more.

64) Mary will _____ her father _______ a new bike

65) I’m sure she didn’t remember. If she _________ she________ the books last night.

66) If it ______ from the sea, I don’t think we ______ our sailing trip tomorrow.

67) If only young people _________ listening to loud music. They will become deaf before they are 30.

68) I have to work about 80 hours a week, so I’m very busy. But if I_____ any spare time, I _____ a sport like golf.

69) I’ve just painted the floor . I’ll put a sign in the front door _______ somebody walks on it.

70) ___________ you had failed the exam. Would you leave the school ?

71) Ok! I’ll give you my car but you can use it ______ you drive carefully.

72) ________ it doesn’t rain tonight, Aslı will come and you can have your tennis match.

73) My friends wanted to know if my mother ______________ if they _______ the tape loud.

74) When we couldn’t decide what to do, she _________ going to the new shopping center.

75) It is her birthday tomorrow and again I don’t know ________ for her. She has everything I can think of.

76) Before you go to Madrid buy a guide book because guide book gives you information about ______________ and _______________

77) __________ you want to visit my grandmother, just call me. I’ll leave _______ I’m doing and will take you to her.

78) “You can move in immediately.” She told me I _____ immediately.

79) “The people who I looked after are very well.” She said that the people who she _____ after _____ very well.

80) “My uncle is in hospital and my aunt is worried about him.” She said her uncle ________ in the hospital and her aunt __________ worried about him.

81) There was a terrible flood in a village in India last year. The villagers, __________ a warming before the flood, managed to escape so no deaths were reported.

82) The house _____________ I live is in a very good condition and very close to the sea.

83) There are many child workers _______ are abused by factory owners in some countries.

84) Students _____ attandance falls below 30% will receive a warning letter.

85) Muhammad Ali, ______ is an American prizefighter, won the world heavyweight championship three times.

86) I have a cat _______ name is Sofi.

87) The village _______ is a very small but a very lovely one. I really enjoy living there.

88) I gave my dog, _______ name is Funny, to a friend ______ I think will look after it better than I do.

89) I warned _______ anything from my house without _______ my permission.

90) ________ at a hotel for a few days is fine but after three days I miss my home.

91) I can’t afford _______ to the USA this summer but I think ______ to Cyprus is cheaper.

92) If you want to stop _______ you can try _____ your breath.

93) Aslı _______ her husband but after what he had done to her she can’t stand him.

94) I’m living in France now and I can’t ________ it.

95) She isn’t _________ to be accepted to work in OYDEM.

96) This is ______ music that I’ve forbidden my son to listen to it at home.

97) I am disappointed _____ you. You have told my secret to everyone.

98) Children should drink milk every night ________ it has a great importance in their growth.

99) Mary decided to join a drama club _______ she could be successful in her career.

100) Bill decided to retire early _______ start his own business.