Why Oydem Online?

1- Our founder and consultants are idealistic and disciplined METU graduates who are interested in their relationships.
2- Distribution of the Magic Box with rich materials.
3- The teacher has the freedom to change the time of the extension. (We never extend the extension unnecessarily.)
4- We do not only work with professional teachers who have graduated from the relevant life of universities.
5- We may not have the education consultants whose working hours change every year and whom we have been dealing with for an average of 10 years.
6- Availability of course materials in digital environment thanks to our magic box application.
7- Having speaking clubs suitable for all levels.
8- Possibility to speak English with artificial intelligence applications.
9- If you choose us, you will only meet teachers who have a Teaching diploma and / or international certificates such as CELTA, TESOL.
10- You work with practitioners who do their job with Love.