Online Conversation Club

In one-to-one, 60-minute sessions specially prepared for you,
 our expert English teachers will make you speak English 
all the time, and by practicing continuous speaking, 
you will realize that you will start speaking English fluently
 in a very short time.

As OYDEM Speaking Club, we are aware that 
one-on-one private lessons are much more beneficial 
than classical course programs.

Online private lessons may seem a little more costly
 at first glance than classroom education.
 However, when you consider the efficiency,
 time and 60 minutes of focus the teacher 
devotes to you (the teacher makes you talk
 for 60 minutes and focuses only on making you talk), 
you will understand what a right choice 
you have made with this result-oriented method.

The aim of all our teachers, 
who are experts in their fields, is to make you talk.

From the moment you register, you will have the chance 
to be much more prepared for the conversation 
sessions you will have with your teacher the next day, 
by watching short videos where you can study 
ENGLISH and solve tests on your own, 
thanks to our artificial intelligence-supported portal called 
"Magic Box" prepared for you with the password we will give you.

If you attend our group sessions rather than one-on-one,
 you will realize that you are in a program
 that is constantly focused on conversation. 
You will understand how useful and efficient 
online education actually is in many aspects.